Welcome to the CSF Master Inservice Program!

The purpose of the CSF Master Inservice Program is to make available inservice training opportunities for administrators, teachers, and staff associated with CSF member schools.

The Program provides that necessary training for certified and non-certified personnel to acquire, update, and enhance the competencies necessary to carry out their educational and support services responsibilities. The training opportunities are designed to develop professional skills and attitudes based on CSF’s MIP program goals, objectives, and strategies.

This Inservice Program follows CSF’s MIP policies and procedures, as well as the policies and procedures of the Florida Department of Education’s Synopsis of State Requirements and the State Board of Education Rules. The Program covers inservice training, human resource development programs, and certificate renewal.

Verification of Inservice Points for Teacher Certificate Renewal — Form CT116

When applying for renewal of a teaching certificate through the FLDOE (http://www.fldoe.org/edcert), a teacher will need proof of continuing education. Should the teacher choose to use inservice points, an option available through CSF’s Master inservice Plan is to have inservice points verified by the teacher’s CSF school head. Upon the teacher’s request, the school head will submit the CT116 Verification of lnservice form to the FLDOE: (Download CT116 Form at http://csfla.org/members/forms)

A total of 120 inservice points, or 6 semesters of college credit, or a combination of the two is required during the five years’ of the teaching certificate’s validity.

  1. The teacher will supply hislher name as on previous certificate, SSN, and the subjects that are to be renewed.
  2. The school head will review the teacher’s MIP online inservice record and indicate the number of points the teacher has accrued within the dates of the certificate. No more than 60 points in any one inservice component may be submitted.
  3. The district or school name that should be entered on the form is Christian Schools of Florida, not the name of the individual CSF-member school.
  4. The school head will signature the form CT1 16 and send it to the FLDOE.

This form is used by school heads only for the verification of inservice approved through the CSF MlP. Transcripts of college courses, SAE test results, or workshops done with other FLDOE-recognized master inservice plans should be submitted by the teacher or other school district/agency directly to the FLDOE.

Teachers no longer on staff at a CSF school may contact the CSF Director of Professional Development for verification of previous inservice work to the FLDOE.

Susan A. Taylor, Director of Professional Development
Christian Schools of Florida
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